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Community Shield Azerbaijan (Baku)

Make a Donation - your time, skills or sponsorship

The work of Community Shield Azerbaijan (Baku) is supported entirely by  donations from individuals, organisations, companies and by the fundraising efforts of CSA’s volunteers. We receive no governmental funding whatsoever.

As we are staffed only by volunteers, the entirety of the contribution you make will go to the good causes we support.

Our sister organisation, Community Shield Azerbaijan, is a registered charity in the UK Number 1099552, and can accept donations on our behalf, if needed.

To support any of our activities or if you can start a new one, please contact us on info@csabaku.org.

As well as funding for our major projects, we are always grateful for the following:

  • Fabric and other materials that could be used by workers at the Invalid home.

  • Donation of clothing and shoes for disadvantaged children (aged 5-18).

  • Art supplies, pre-school learning material and sports equipment for refugee centre.

  • Donated items for selling at CSA’s white elephant table.

CSA volunteers are instrumental in introducing many of our activities aimed at providing new skills to the vulnerable people from our projects. We need volunteers to assist in our community care projects:

  • Pre-school learning activities and sports sessions at the refugee centre.

  • Help to design and market the products made by the Invalid home.

  • Organise gardening, cookery, sports or other activities at Gizildash orphanage.

  • Teach computer and internet skills to the residents of the invalid home or children at Lokbatan sanatorium.

  • Teaching English at Gizildash orphanage.

  • Assist the residents of the invalid home with the making of handicrafts.

  • People to man our stalls at Lunches and Bazaars.

Denise and Nathalie teaching English

Susan during a cookery session

Arnoud Govaert, Annette, Irene and Quinta with the gardening enthusiasts

Do you like cooking, gardening or have another skill that would be of interest to others? As an individual you can make an enormous difference to the people of our projects. Without the volunteers, these activities would not have taken place and no new world or skills would have been introduced to these underprivileged persons.

Some examples of people's contributions:

  • Anita Cann, Kay Scott, Jackie Brader, Sarita Vaid and Audrey McDade gave their time freely at the refugee centre.

  • Nathalie Benson created talking books for deaf children, sponsored by Rapid Solutions.

  • England-match-worn socks were donated by Chris and Ran Gotch to raise money for the street shelter.

  • Fran Leach, Jackie Brader and Sheila Garden donated their artwork for CSA's Christmas cards and calendars.

  • Katie and Roslyn asked for money rather than birthday presents to buy a washing machine for the street shelter.

  • Joe Dowse installed donated computers and internet access at the invalid home.

  • Brenda Orr donated a washing machine.

  • TISA School organised a sponsored cycling event.

  • Megan and Seymour Khalilov collected winter coats.

  • Darshana Patel organised a CSA tennis tournament.

  • June Biegala donates a percentage of her earnings.

  • AAS services donated computer printer/scanner for Lokbatan.

  • Baku Vets, sponsored by Alba Power, participated in a Dubai rugby tournament and raised £1100 which helped fund pre-school activities at the refugee cetre.

  • Hess donated office furniture to Gizildash.

  • Baku Golf Tournament in Dubai raised $5000 in 2009 and $10,000 in 2010.

  • Janice Hepburn and family donated money including Elizabeth's 8th birthday contributions.

  • Diana Khail in Abu Dhabi donated her yoga earnings.

  • Anne Skitmore collected money at her farewell coffee.

Baku Vets rugby team with shirt sponsorship by Alba Power

Baku Vets in Dubai

Participants in the Baku Open Golf Tournament