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Community Shield Azerbaijan (Baku)

Children's Ward

In 2003, we were proud to have taken part in the creation of Baku's first Children’s Ward for psychiatric patients.

The boys' room at the Children's Ward

As often is the case, the project was only possible thanks to many generous sponsors. It was very fortunate that the British Embassy was moving premises at the time of the refurbishment and lots of furniture found its way to the ward.

Other large donors were the Caledonian Society and ACE Forwarding. Numerous individuals contributed which resulted in a ward where 15 young patients can be treated in a child friendly environment.

With a focus throughout on the needs of both parents and their children, the ward received much attention for its innovative and professional setup.

The recreation area of the ward was also used for arts and craft and music sessions for adult psychiatric patients. This was a new idea for staff and CSA volunteers alike but all doctors agreed it was of tremendous benefit to the patients. A piano was donated and many mugham sessions ensued with volunteers and patients having a good time. Sadly, there was a fire at the hospital and although the children’s ward was not affected, all activities are on hold until the hospital is rebuilt.